My Top 10 sessions I am excited about at Drupal Con Lille 2023

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DrupalCon Lille 2023 is right around the corner and many Drupal developers will meet and share their knowledge. In this blog post, I've curated my top 10 sessions from the event, each offering unique insights and valuable takeaways. From technical writing to project management, these sessions cover a wide range of topics that are sure to elevate the Drupal community's expertise.

First of all: Of course, I am looking forward to all the keynotes and BoFs which are not present on my list. The following sessions are in no particular order.

My Top 10 List

Styles aren't just for CSS: Creating a Style Guide for your Technical Writing

Presenter: Alanna Burke

Alanna Burke will talk about creating a guide for Technical Writing, which I find very interesting. She will share her team's experience developing and using the guide and will help find out what makes sense for what kind of teams. A great idea for stepping up the quality game of a project.

Project First Aid: How to Respond, Recover, and Thrive in the Face of Project Failure

Presenter: Alice Minett

In this short session, Alice Minett will talk about how to spot early warnings in unhealthy projects and how to create a crisis plan if things start to fail. I am expecting to hear a lot about her learnings.

Architecture Decision Records: Collaborative Decision Making that Sticks

Presenter: Andrew Berry

ADRs are on my mind lately, and Lullabot is the thriving force not only on this topic but also on best practices around Drupal in general. Andrew Berry will talk about his experience with ADRs and how it changed Lullabot's daily development work. I'm really excited about this one.

Exploring Holacracy, Sociocracy, and Reinventing Organizations in a Drupal Agency

Presenter: Lukas Fischer

I am always a fan of learning how other teams and agencies organize themselves and rethink working together. Lukas Fischer will share his and NETNODE's experience adopting the Holacracy framework, and he will do so in an interactive session.

Develop, Test and Deploy at scale: quality process for deliveries, experience and tools for clients, developers and project managers.

Presenters: Anne-Sophie Picot, Sylvain Moreau, Francis Lemaitre

Hearing about how other teams solve scaling issues and how they adapt and overcome those issues is always interesting because you get a deep insight into their thought process. Anne-Sophie Picot, Sylvain Moreau, and Francis Lemaitre will present a Quality Framework they created, which will cover deployment, tests, and other steps with a real-use case.

From zero to a multilingual Next.js site powered by Next-drupal and Drupal Recipes with one command!

Presenters: Mario Vercellotti, Joshua Scott

I am really curious about what Mario Vercellotti and Joshua Scott from Wunder will have to say about adopting Next.js with Drupal. They built a project called next4drupal, which serves as a starter kit for a fully decoupled Next.js site with Drupal as a content hub.

Single Directory Components in Core

Presenter: Mike Herchel

Since I am not a frontend developer, I am not always up to date about the latest stuff regarding this part of Drupal. I am very happy that Mike Herchel will tell us all there is to know about Single Directory Components in Core!

What developers really want: Uncovering the essential work benefits for software developers (sponsored by Factorial)

Presenter: Niklas Franke

Niklas Franke will present benefits that software developers truly want and how to make them happy. Let's see what he has discovered!

Drupal's next leap: configuration validation

Presenter: Wim Leers

I am always a sucker for Wim Leers' sessions as he is able to present so much knowledge in a short amount of time. Now hearing about validation constraints for other things beside content entities in Core makes me excited, and I cannot wait to hear everything about it.

How to sell your company

Presenter: Michael Schmid

Michael Schmid, aka Schnitzel, will tell us his story and all the steps on how he sold I always enjoy his sessions because he is always so open about his work, and I really enjoyed his session about the Handbook.

What sessions are you looking forward to? Let me know :)


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