Discover MyCardSorter - Your DIY Solution for Card Sorting

Hey there, card game enthusiast! Welcome to my journey in creating #MyCardSorter.

🃏 The Idea - MyCardSorter was born from the vision of creating an affordable machine that makes sense even for private collectors. I want everyone to effortlessly sort their cards.

🔨 Crafting and Tinkering - I designed MyCardSorter to be producible using 3D printing technology. That means you can even build your own machine to organize your collection in no time.

🌟 The Magic of Sorting - MyCardSorter is more than just a product. It's the result of my passion for card games and my mission to make sorting a breeze for everyone.

Join me on this exciting journey of MyCardSorter's creation. Here, I share my stories and experiences of how this solution becomes a reality.

A 3d model of a card sorting machine

In our last DevLog edition for #MyCardSorter, I detailed how I refined my initial prototype and fine-tuned it to sort over 10,000 cards using OCR. This successful phase truly motivated me to embark on the next stage of my project: exploring 3D printing for the upcoming iteration. In this new post, I'll share my initial steps in modeling the next prototype, printing parts, and introduce the 3D printer I acquired.

The setup

Welcome back to the DevLog for MyCardSorter, a DIY card sorter for Magic: The Gathering. In the previous blog post I talked about the idea and motivation about this project. In this edition I want to briefly cover my first steps with electronics to gain experience for building my prototype.

A pile of magic cards

Many Magic Players ask the question: How can I handle all my cards in my collection? While this problem is not exclusive only to Magic: The Gathering players, it is also true for collectors and players of other trading card games. In this DevLog I will tell the story of how I got started into making my own card sorting machine.