The Best New Drupal Modules I Found at DrupalCon Lille

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After my visit to DrupalCon Lille, I couldn't wait to share the scoop on some of the exciting new modules I came across. These modules promise to make our Drupal lives easier and more efficient. Let's dive into my top picks!


Module 1: Same Page Preview

One of the most intriguing modules with new releases is the Same Page Preview. What's even more exciting is that it's on the path to becoming a part of Drupal Core. This module offers a feature that's worth keeping an eye on. Check out a quick demonstration I recorded:

Video file page:

Module 2: Editoria11y

Editoria11y has taken a leap with its version 2. It's a significant improvement, especially in terms of detecting accessibility issues. This module not only provides valuable tips but also allows you to log issues and view them in a dedicated dashboard. You might want to consider including this in your Drupal toolkit; it's a game-changer! I foresee some accessibility fixes on my to-do list after discovering this gem!

A screenshot which highlights an issue with accessibility with the alt-text of the header image in a blog post. page:

Module 3: Page Templates

The page templates module is a great way of improving the author experience for your editors. It depends on the Replicate module and allows for creating several content templates, i.e. a news article template. The template can then be selected by the editors which helps them keep consistency and speed up the content generation. page:


Did you discover more interesting modules during Drupalcon? Please let me know and share your tips!


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Thank you for your comment, Italo! 

ECA is a great module, indeed! Since my blog post focuses on modules I discovered during Drupalcon Lille and I already knew ECA it did not made the list :)